Wednesday, April 15, 2009

hannah montana :p & distractedness

its me and silvana!!
YES, I AM MAKING A BLOG ABOUT MILEY. Have a problem with it? Then don't read it :P

So, we all know about her "questionable pictures" But who cares? Seriously, just cause she took some pictures that showed a little skin does NOT make her a slut. Someone who is a slut, is someone who actually does something with that skin, she does not play boys & all the crap. I hate how people call her a slut, because she's not. I'm not saying I'm her number one fan, it just bugs me when people call her that because she isn't. Besides, she's just a teenager && no one is perfect. I'm sure like 80% of teenagers do what she did, but 100 times worse, and she only gets the consequences so much harder because she is a celebrity.

Recently, I think she's been redeeming herself. With her movie. It was SOSOOOSOSOSO! good! I loved it. That movie was so good I reeallly recomend seeing it! Her album is amazing too.!
"You can change your hair and you can change your clothes
You can change your mind, that's just the way it goes"

-You always find you way back home<3

Anyway, I think Miley Rocks! She;s a great influence to little kids, like at the movie there was sooo many little kids and it just made me realize - teens are the only ones who judge her but those little kids just adore her♥♥
I want to be a little kid again, where there was no "sluts" or "breaking up" or all that junk, I wanna go back to when ...
Falling in love;;; Was sharing your cookie with the boys
Hate ;;; was when someone stole your crayon
Drama;;; was when someone didn't take their nap.
Instead ...
Falling in love;; is making out & getting serious at young ages
Hate;;is beating up someone because they stole your boyfriend
Drama;; is getting suspended because you got in a fist fight with a B*****

little kids have it so much better<3
*wow I got distracted :P*

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  1. I know! I totally miss being a little kid!